Considering This Before You Build Your Roof Garden

Rooftop gardens may be prohibited or require special treatment and it is always best to know these things before you spend time and money.  You need to considering some problem about the roof, here is some of it:

Condition of The Roof
Know how the roof condition can help you to decide the best time for you to set the roof garden. The most cost-effective time to construct a rooftop garden is when the roof needs to
be replaced or newly constructed. This way you can make features, such as a waterproof
membrane, a root-resistant layer, or certain containers, part of the new roof. Working with an existing, intact roof is not impossible, but it will mean taking into account the roof’s faults, such as existing leaks, damage, and inability to resist roots and standing water.

Structural Capacity of The Roof
Prior to designing and constructing your rooftop garden, you must first determine if your roof can support the additional weight of soil and plants. A licensed structural engineer or architect must be hired to conduct a structural analysis. The purpose is to determine the amount of weight the roof can support at different locations on the roof.
The structural capacity largely will dictate the type of rooftop garden that you can build. Roofs with limited structural capacity may require lighter-weight techniques such as containers or an extensive green roof system unless structural, and possibly costly, reinforcement measures are instituted. New buildings can be designed with adequate structural capacity for any type of garden.

Access to The Roof
An important consideration is access to your roof. In addition to access for the people who will be constructing and enjoying your garden, you will need to transport materials for construction and maintenance, and may need to consider the need for electricity. Typical access includes stairs or fire escapes. Generally, Chicago’s Building Code requires two separate exit paths.

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