Benefits from Plant in Nature

Vegetations covers most of our globe, from east to west, north to south, except in some place like south and north polar and high mountain.  World of vegetation provides the habitat and basic food supply of all leaving creatures.  In your garden, what kind of benefit you can take from vegetation? Here’s some answer:

Food chain

Plants can transform energy from the sun into the simple starches at the base of biologic food chain.  We called this transformation process as photosynthesis.  Some of Photosynthesis output are consumed by humans as in vegetables and fruit. 


It is not only the free oxygen produced by plants that refreshes the air.  Water drawn by the plants from the soil and the water table is given off by foliage as vapor through evapo-transpiration.  This cooling and moisturizing function contributes to the growing conditions for other plants and to creature comfort as well.

Climate Control

Plants ameliorates the climate in other ways also.  They serve as buffers againts a storm.  Their foliage and mat of fallen leaves protect the soil againts drying winds and sun.

Water Retention

Plants retain the moisture that falls as precipitation-as droplets of dew or rain on their leaves, in the crevices of their bark, in the fountain of woody yet aqueous cells that comprise their internal structure, and in fibrous mat of detritus and roots that cover and penetrate the earth.

Soil building

In the cycle of living and dying, plants return to the earth their decaying fibers and cells to provide humus and deepen the film of topsoil.  This slowly accreting and vital substance, if protected from erosion, increace available nutrients and moisture and the earth fecundity.


The fallen leaves, fruits, stems, and rotting woodthat are not retained by the soil as mumus are washed away in the stream and river systems to enrich the broth of the tidal estuarise.  This organic material in turn can becomes food for new aquatics pants and for oysters spawning and shell and fin fish.

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